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Who we are

The TIP-Alliance is a dynamic alliance in the packaging industry landscape. Initiated by the pioneering Scandinavian companies STOK K/S, Christer Nöjd AB and H. Clausen AS, our goal is to bring together major stakeholders in the packaging industry and create a powerful alliance across Europe.

We aim to share knowledge, drive innovation as well as carrying out joint purchase projects, all while delivering discernible, measurable outcomes for our members.

Mira Nöjd-Nägele

Tip Allience

Jóhannes Jónsson

Board Member

Thomas Nöjd

Founding Partner

Martin Fredriksen

Founding Partner
Board Member
Unity is our key to success

“I want to excite people to work together and merge borders. I want us to go the extra mile to create high value for each of our partners! It is my goal to find partners, which can identify themselves with TIP-Alliance’s core values and embrace this very motivating spirit.”

– Mira Nöjd-Nagele, CEO
Joining forces, yielding results

What we do

Joint purchasing

Joint purchasing:

Mutual benefits for partners and suppliers
Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing:

Promote innovation across borders


Promoting the green agenda


Lay the groundwork for fresh partnerships within
the alliance
European visibility

European visibility:

Amplify our presence on a continental scale
Financial benefits

Financial benefits:

Ensuring members advantageous terms through group supplier contracts
"Reduce your
environmental footprint”
Together we are stronger

Why we do it

We believe that together we are stronger. Our members are at the forefront, doing groundbreaking work in sustainability, automation, distribution, and innovative product solutions. Our aim is to unite our members: to merge borders, foster knowledge sharing, cultivate valuable connections, and propel the future of packaging forward.

But we are more than just a network. We carry out joint purchase projects because we want to add benefits for our members and suppliers alike. It’s our conviction that membership in our alliance should manifest in discernible and measurable outcomes.

Just like the industry itself, we are dynamic and fast in action. With innovation deeply embedded in our DNA, we continually evolve, always seeking greater success and benefits for every member. Our foresight extends beyond immediate challenges. We proactively prepare for emerging technologies, adapt to new rules and regulations, and stay responsive to the shifting paradigms of the sustainability agenda.

Together we are stronger
Our members in focus

Meet some of our members

Our members cover vast areas of Europe and do business in countries
like Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.


With a turnover above 100 million Euros and an expansive presence throughout Europe, STOK K/S is a force to be reckoned with.

With more than 160 employees and a continuous focus on sustainability, STOK K/S is an important part of the packaging industry. Sustainability is an important part of STOK’s DNA, as they aim to develop new value propositions in the packaging sphere.

Christer Nöjd AB

Christer Nöjd AB is one of the leading packaging companies in terms of automation.

With a long history and a turnover of 61 million Euros, Christer Nöjd AB has a huge influence on the Scandinavian market, well known for their success in lean management.

H. Clausen AS

With nothing less than 177 years of experience, H. Clausen is a pioneer in the packaging industry and excels in strapping.

In 2023, the company was acquired by Stok Emballage who now acts as co-owner of the company, further strengthening its position while continuing the good work that H. Clausen has been synonymous with for more than a century.

Moderne Verpackung

Moderne Verpackung has become a beacon of innovation and excellence in the packaging market, employing more than 70 people and making a turnover of a turnover of 39 million Euros.

With a rich history and a reputation as the go-to creative problem solver, Moderne Verpackung offers the most extensive complete range of packaging solutions.

Their commitment to meeting the diverse needs of businesses and industries, from standard solutions to bespoke packaging for the most unique requirements, is extremely high.


Samhentir was founded in 1995. With associated companies the turnover reached the remarkable high level of approx. 65 million Euros in 2023. 

Alone on Iceland it has a share of 38% in the Packaging Market with the Fish Industry as the biggest interconnected sector. 

Samhentir operates on 14.000 sqm in three locations. Samhentir and related companies have around 110 employees.


Servisbal provides excellent full packaging service, and it is one of the leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard applications in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

With a turnover of 24 million Euros, they are a very successful player in their market. Servisbal has already received 9 WordStar for Packaging awards for their solutions.

The company also operates Eobaly.cz packaging e-shop with deliveries of goods within 24 hours. It serves more than 15.000 customers annually.

Code of Conduct

Core values

Respect and appreciate each alliance members company culture
Agreements and committments shall be honored by all alliance members
Agreement exceptions can be tolerated if there is a significant negative influence on the business for the member
Openness and honesty in all we do
TIP-Alliance should be on the daily agenda of each employee
All members are obligated to utilize their key competences to develop for the best of the group
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Growth in TIP-Alliance

We're thrilled to announce another milestone in the journey of TIP-Alliance! With the recent addition of Samhentir and Servisbal to our network, our alliance continues to expand rapidly.

These additions reflect our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation within the packaging industry. With each new member, our collective expertise grows, enriching our community and enhancing our capabilities.

Moreover, we're proud to share that the combined turnover of our member companies now surpasses an impressive 325 million Euros. This milestone reflects the collective success and dedication of our partners in driving excellence and delivering value to our customers.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our members for their continued support and commitment to our shared vision. Together, we're shaping the future of packaging solutions and driving positive change in the industry.

Here's to the continued success and growth of TIP-Alliance!


New Partner:
Moderne Verpackung

Since 1988, Moderne Verpackung has become a beacon of innovation and excellence in the packaging market, employing more than 70 people and making a turnover of a turnover of €39 million.

With a rich history and a reputation as the go-to creative problem solver, Moderne Verpackung offers the most extensive complete range of packaging solutions. Their portfolio includes cushioning and fillers, load securing, postal shipping, corrosion protection, overseas and export packaging solutions, ESD protection, packing room equipment as well as structural and circulation packaging with 3D development.

Get to know more about the initial journey together with TIP-Alliance in the fascinating video statement from Gernot Bihlo!


TIP-Alliance video!

Exciting news from TIP-Alliance! We've just released a captivating video showcasing some of the brilliant minds behind our robust network. Dive into the world of advanced packaging with leading experts from STOK and Nöjd.

STOK sheds light on the art of sustainability in packaging and their latest advancements in stretch film technology.
Nöjd delves into the intricacies of automation and their unwavering dedication to enhancing customer purchasing experiences.
The video is a glimpse into the heart of innovation at TIP-Alliance, where knowledge is shared, and collaboration is key.

Stay tuned, join the conversation, and let’s shape the future of packaging together!

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